Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Woodtech has established globally recognized benchmarks for its Service Excellence. Our team of highly qualified and adequately skilled engineers have the distinction of being trained on our machines at the factories of our Principles.

This ensures a seamless transfer of knowledge at source and regular workshops ensure that our team is abreast with the latest updates.

Woodtech has ensured strong regional presence catering to all the markets in India. This strategy has not only helped us grow, but retain our talent pool by providing them with new challenges. Our high retention rate of human capital gives us an enviable advantage to raise the bar in our Service levels and ensure prompt Service delivery.

Our growing Organizational Process Assets help us stay ahead of our competition. Our Service quality is an inherent characteristic of all our engagements.


Project Consultancy

The combined experience of 8 decades between the leadership team at Woodtech, not only holds the company in good stead, but provides our Customers with a tremendous opportunity to leverage on this expertise. We help organizations to identify their core competence and unlock hidden value.

Our turnkey offering is a result of our understanding of this Industry from chop to shop. From Logs to sticks, we manage the Logistics of setting up your business and voicing your concerns. In the Wood Industry, it pays to bark up the right tree!



The underlying principles at Woodtech are based on strong focus on excellence, deep commitment to quality, strict adherence to Values and Ethics and solid emphasis on Innovation. We strongly believe that if the devil is in the detail, God is part of the bigger picture.

We take pride in engaging with our Customers for regular updates and feedback. We also accept challenges in building Special purpose machines participating in such adventures of Product development. If you have a challenge for us, we're listening!