Rectangular Tenoner


  • Built with two tables for higher efficiency operations.
  • High production rate up to 12 pcs per minute.
  • Pneumatically operated table longitudinal traverse.
  • Adjustable tenoning width.
  • The tenon without removing the door, depth can be conveniently adjusted.
  • Table tilts 20˚.
  • Movable table to save time, and speed can be variable adjustment.
  • Convenient setup of tenon directions at horizontal, vertical and 45˚.
  • Miter gauge provided on the table allows for cutting bevel tenons.
  • Oil bushings on the table support and the disk.
  • Centralized control panel provides convenient operations.
  • Designed for producing various types of tenon.
  • Variable table feed speed suits various types of wood material.

Model YRT-115
Spindle speed 6000 R.P.M.
Maximum tenon width 115+2R mm
Minimum tenon depth
with standard tool 10~45 mm
with special tools 6~90 mm
production rate 12 pcs/min.
Table tilt
upward 0~15˚
downward 0~30˚
Side 0~20˚
Spindle motor 5HP
Cutter cycle motor 1HP
Net weight 1100 kgs
Gross weight 1200 kgs
Machine size 1760x1150x1320 mm
Packing size 1870x1240x1620 mm

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