Our Team

Our Chairman is a technically qualified mechanical Engineer, who possesses a rich experience in the industry. He has successfully finished different kinds of courses with respect to wood cutting technology in more than 3 countries in Europe. With the help of his experience and efficient training in Italy & Germany, Mr N Venkatakrishnan has stood behind us to support and solve all kinds of challenges in the day to day process. Our chairman has been providing technical guidance with respect to manufacturing techniques to make our job both easier and effective. The instigator has brought in the right team at the right time to manage a gigantic manufacturing unit to produce high quality furniture products.

Mr N Venkatakrishnan has been honoured by the Institute of Economic studies as Udyog Ratna in India. He brought home some of the merit awards by the institute of wood science, Rimini, Italy for his extraordinary talent and skillet in terms of using the technology to make the process simpler. He has been working in the same field for over 22 years now and handled plenty of independent projects and developed open office systems.

A dynamic young Mechanical Engineer, who has spent more than 2 decades serving wood industry to achieve great heights. Successfully trained in multiple manufacturing facilities in UK, Germany, Italy, Malaysia & Singapore and a known personality in India and Abroad for his achievements. Mr. Gopi is well versed with both design & development of complete processing of woodworking machines and brought in many technologies from abroad and successfully implemented in India. His humbleness, think big attitude and great communication skills has always helped our company to reach goals easily and quickly. He has successfully brought in JVs to India and set up many Greenfield projects, which plays a major role in increasing employment opportunities in India. Being transparent, hardworking and solution oriented attitude has gained faith and trust with our customers. He has been a face value in the Industry, which has gained him recognition at a very young age. He believes in skill development activity to bring in more skilled labourers for the industry.

Mr. Gopi is a philanthropist by helping underprivileged children for their education and growth. Spends most of his spare time by playing badminton and by practicing yoga & meditation regularly. A fitness freak, who always believe in keeping a good health by burning calories on a regular basis. Mr. Gopi loves to travel frequently and has travelled different countries across the world.

Mr. Murugadoss carries a versatile experience in the wood industry, where he has the ability to perform multiple operations like wood treatment, wood seasoning, training and Quality check on the operations at the same time. Mr Murugadoss has been in the industry for the span of a decade now and has been successfully trained in the relative fields from different countries like Germany, Italy and so on. Our multi-talented technical director has proved to be the best by taking care of installation, erection and commissioning of new machinery for a long time in our company.

Mr. Murugadoss is a young Mechanical Engineer, who loves to expand the green sector in the environment. He has always praised and encouraged every employee in the organisation to plant more trees and to cut carbon foot print as much as possible. His directions towards health, environment and profession motivates us to achieve goals by pushing our limits to a greater extent.

Mr. Madan Raj is a versatile person, who has the capability to perform different kinds of activities like wood treatment, seasoning of wood and training on both machinery operation and manufacturing products. Our marketing director engages clients and principals along with working in internal company tasks like installation, erection and commissioning of new machinery. He has been managing administration and finance for Woodtech and partnering with Triwood and serving as a director for levigo Engineering, Mr Madan Raj has been guiding us in every step ever since he joined Woodtech in the year 2001.

A dynamic person, who carries a rich history of awards in terms of sports and other extra-curricular activities in the late 1980s. Actively engaged in different sports like Football, Skating, Badminton and cricket and loves to drive cars and motorbikes in his free time. Completed DME from Annamalai University in the year 1990 and completed some of the major industrial courses in both Pondicherry and Coimbatore.