Lacyered Panel Sander


The POINT to POINT through feed machining line has revolutionized the field of boring, grooving and routing thanks to its innovative technology and maximum flexibility and productivity. This series has been designed to obtain the maximum flexibility possible while maintaining a high volume output. No machine setup time therefore greatly increased part to part throughput and overall productivity. Exclusive optical part reading for perfect ede referencing and boring without depending on the operator's accuracy. Fully automatic parts positioning by the machine therefore operator misfeeds are no longer an issue. Small batch random part processing is an effective as large run processing. 4NC axis control including U, Y, Z and X (micro head movement for front/back horizontal boring and routing).

(NC Controller) PC office/Color LCD display
(Horizontal Boring Range) 800mm
(Quantity of controlled axis) 4
(X axis speed) 60m/min
(Y axis speed) 60m/min
(U axis speed) 60m/min
(Z axis speed) 15m/min
(Minimum part width) 50mm
(Maximum part width) 1,000mm
(Minimum part length) 300mm
(Minimum part thickness) 10mm
(Maximum part thickness) 50mm
(Boring Unit)
(Vertical spindles) 7(X axis) x 6(Y axis)
(horizontal spindles : top/bottom) 2+2
(horizontal spindles : sides) 1+1
(horse power) 1.5KW(2HP)
(Rotation speed) 4,800 RPM
(Router taper) ER25
(Tool Shank Diameter) 2mm-16mm
(Router HP) 3.75 KW(5HP)
(Rotation speed) 1,000-18,000 RPM
(Grooving Saw Unit)
(Grooving Saw Unit HP) 1.5KW(2HP)
(Grooving Saw Diameter) 120 mm
(Maximum blade thickness) 5 mm
(Rotation speed) 4,200 RPM
(Automatic Side pusher) (Standard)
(Pusher contact surface) (Rollers)
(Optical Material Sensor) (Standard)
*All informatin is subject to chang;valid as of July,2011

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