Finger Jointing Line

Model MXB 3515B-C
Infeed Length 150-900 mm
Shaping Thickness 20-150 mm
Max. working width 590 mm
Shaper spindle diameter 50 mm
Shaper spindle speed 6750 rpm
Hogger spindle diameter 30 mm
Hogger spindle speed 2840 rpm
Shaper spindle power 11 Kw
Hydraulic system power 4 Kw
Hogger power 4 Kw
Scoring saw power 0.75 Kw X 2
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Dust Extraction Capacity 3500M /h
Gross Weight 1150 kgs
Net Weight 1150 kgs
Overall Size (L X W X H) 1900 x 1650 x 1450 mm
Voltage 420V/50C/3P
Remark: The first time without glue, second time with glue

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