Double Side Planer Cum Rip Saw

Model DPRS-9326CM
Max. Working width 260 mm
Max. Working thickness 100 mm
Min.working thickness 20 mm
Max. movement of the movable worktable 5 mm
Max. movement of the movable guide fence bar 8 mm
Dia. of Cutting Spindle 50 mm
Spindle Speed (Planing) 6300 r/min
Spindle Speed (Saw Spindle) 4200 r/min
Feeding speed 4-30 m/min
Cutter Dia. bottom spindle 140 mm
top spindle 140-180 mm
saw spindle 200-350 mm
Total power 54 kw
Bottom planing spindle motor 7.5 kw
Top planing spindle motor 11.0 kw
Saw spindle motor 30 kw
Feeding motor 4.0 kw
Beam lifting motor 0.75 kw
Saw spindle lifting motor 0.75 kw
Upper feed wheels dia 140×35×50 mm
Suction Hood Dia 140 mm x 4
Air Supply Pressure 6 Bar
Dust Extraction Capacity 4300M /h
Overall dimension 3750 × 1720 × 1600 mm
Weight 3300 Kgs
Voltage 415V/50Hz/3P
  Without Saw Blade

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