Digital Printing Machine


By making use of many tested and proven features found in other products engineered by Anderson, such as the use of high grade components and heavy duty, cast iron base and gantry construction, the Anderson PTP Series offers clients a truly world class Point to Point manufacturing system. Together with a well-engineered machine, Anderson has completed its Point to Point machining center with an easy to use and fully integrated software package that allows for streamlined workflow and seamless parts designing with motion control being handled by a Syntec CNC Controller.

MODEL CoJet Plus-2612
Print Heads Piezo Drop-on-Demand Industrial Inkjet Head
1024 Nozzle (KM1024-MH)
8 Heads
Drop Volume 14pl
Print Color K,C,M,Y,Lc,Lm
Spot Color White X 2
Highest Resolution 1440 X 720
Print Speed 1440 X 720 1080 X 720 720 X 720
m²/h(ft²/h) 14(150) 21 (225) 28(300)
Print Area 1250mm X 2550 mm (49 inch X 100 inch)
Max. Thickness 100 mm(3.94 inch)
Ink Type UV Curable ink
RIP software ONYX Production House DPC Edition
Dimension 4200mm X 2300mm X 1400mm
Weight 2000kg
Environment Temperatur:15~30˚(59~86˚F), Humidity: 30~70%RH
Power Requirement 200/220/240/380/480 VAC(switchable), 50/60Hz, 15Kw, 3 Phase
Warranty 1 year

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