Auto Copy Shapers


This series of models share the same features and construction as the basic machines - DT1260, DT1280, DT12100,, but additionally feature an edge sanding attachment. Designed and engineered for efficient, highly productive and time saving performance, this EXCELLENT edge sanding attachment, used in conjuction with the copy shaper, provides a perfect finish for chair legs, table tops and other curved edge furniture components. With this attachment, flat, curved and intricate profiles can be easily sanded after shaping, reducing the handling time for sanding operations and increasing the efficiency of your production

Model DT-12120S DT-12100S DT-1280S DT-1260S
Range of cutting diameter 28"-120" 24"-100" 20"-80" 16"-60"
Maximum rectangular cutting(2:1) 107.4" x 53.7" 89.2" x 44.6" 71.4" x 35.7" 53.4" x 26.7"
Table diameter 82" 72" 62" 46"
table rotation speed (infinitely variable) 0.5 - 3RPM 0.5 - 3RPM 0.5 - 3RPM 0.5 - 3RPM
spindle speed 9000RPM 9000RPM 9000RPM 9000RPM
Spindle diameter (interchangeable) 1", 30mm, 1-1/4" (one dia furnished) 1", 30mm, 1-1/4" (one dia furnished) 1", 30mm, 1-1/4" (one dia furnished) 1", 30mm, 1-1/4" (one dia furnished)
Cutter Size 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Follower roller diameter 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Table drive motor 3HP x 1 3HP x 1 2HP x 1 2HP x 1
Spindle Drive motor 15HP x 2 10HP x 2 10HP x 2 10HP x 2
Net weight 5500Kgs 4350Kgs 3350Kgs 2600KGs
Gross weight 6750Kgs 5350Kgs 4200KGs 3150Kgs
Packing size 164" x 91" x 82" 149" x 90" x 80" 131" x 89" x 77" 119" x 83" x 77"

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