About Us

Woodtech is an integrated end-to-end solutions provider for the Solid Wood, Panel Wood and specialized Wood products. Our service portfolio includes Consulting, selection and suggestion of the right machinery, preparation of layout plans, installation, testing and Commissioning, providing training to the machine operators, after sales support, repairs and supply of spares and consumables.

We are located in Bangalore or Bengaluru in India, which has gained an enormous amount of growth in both industrial and in manufacturing sector over the last 10 - 15 years. We operate from PEENYA, Industrial estate in Bengaluru, which has been considered as one of the biggest industrial estates in the entire continent of Asia. Peenya houses more than 100 corporate companies, who are engaged in providing world class services to various organizations across the world. Our location is suitable for both quality manpower and a friendly environment to function our operations in an effective way.

Our factory and office provides a beautiful environment for our staff to work efficiently. We have been highly appreciated for our consultancy services in the wood sector. Woodtech is engaged in providing a complete practical training to work on manufacture, repair, troubleshoot and to provide quality after-sale services in an efficient way.

Woodtech have forged partnerships with some of the leading machinery manufacturers in the world and are well positioned to cater to the needs of both existing and new manufacturing plants.

We design, develop and supply magnificent furniture, which helps you complete job easily and efficiently. Our foremost focus in on providing economical, modern and the cost effective equipment, which could improve your productivity and the quality of products.

Our core sectors of manufacturing includes furniture production from a solid wood, which are widely used on doors and windows manufacturing. Our solid wood products are used in floorings and other interior decoration purposes. We are engaged in manufacturing different kinds of wood products like plywoods, HDF, MDF, particle board and so on..

If you are planning to set up a Wooden furniture business or panel based products like Plywood and MDF, we would love to hear from you.